How to make your first 1000 Instagram followers in just one week

Are you trying to increase your Instagram following but aren't sure where to begin?

Planning and preparing content on Instagram takes hours of your time. After you click "Share," everything is OK for a split second. You're sure that what you published is fantastic. but a few comments and likes from your modest number of followers. Instagram growth doesn't have a step-by-step manual.

 However, there are recommended practices that might assist you in expanding your audience and gaining new followers.

 1. Create a plan and a calendar of excellent content ideas.

When we generate amazing content, we often pay close attention to concepts, delivery, and optimization. When we post images and videos to an Instagram account belonging to a company or brand, it shouldn't be any different. It's critical that you set aside time to develop interesting content ideas that fall in line, with holidays, forthcoming events for your company, and—most importantly—your overall traffic and revenue targets.
 However, you may still be adaptable and post on the spur of the moment as ideas strike you.

 2. Refine your bio. 

 The bio description area, which people see first when visiting your business page, is the most crucial component of your business's Instagram profile. Instagram users can introduce themselves in the bio by briefly describing who they are, what they do, and what they have to offer. Due to the 150-character restriction, creativity is essential in this section. . It must have a pleasing appearance and be both educational and simple to read.

 3. Proper usage of hashtags 

You can connect with your target audience by using an industry-specific hashtag. You can use hashtags to describe your communications, services, and products. Hashtags can be extremely specialized or generic. The ideal approach is to try new things and use social media consistently. Your chances of building an audience increase the more often you use a particular hashtag. Change a hashtag if it isn't effective (that is if your customers aren't using it or it isn't getting momentum). But wait for your hashtag to get popularity.
 Avoid changing your hashtag on a weekly basis. The key is consistency. Avoid overusing hashtags while posting on social media. The use of excessive hashtags can impede the conciseness of posts. 

4. Only share videos and images that are well-composed. 

 When publishing on Instagram, businesses should only use high-quality images and videos. By high-quality, I mean pixel-free, crystalline images. Instagram is primarily a visual platform. Companies are not permitted to submit fuzzy or partially cropped photographs.

Basically, it is not required to meet Nat Geo standards. It simply needs to be sharp. Low-quality material will not be shared or engaged with, and it may even lose some followers.

5. Explore Different Filters & Dimensions 

  Just because you're a business doesn't mean you can't use various dimensions and have fun with filters. In effect, you need to use the filter on your content. Your chances of getting others to share and follow your account increase with more innovative and interesting images. 

To edit your images, you could also use photo editing software. Use the landscape and portrait options instead of feeling limited by the square when it comes to measurements.

 6. Cross-Instagram Interaction.

 Engage users who might be interested in your profile strategically. That practically entails engaging with prospective clients and brand supporters by following, liking, and thoughtfully commenting on their postings. Start by using hashtags: 
To find people posting content comparable to yours, click on the hashtags you use regularly and that are pertinent. Interacting with the people who are already following you is a wonderful practice as well. You ought to like their material and follow them back. The more you interact, the more you'll be seen and taken notice of by others. Additionally, it demonstrates that you are a genuine account that respects reciprocity!

 7. Never use watermarks or logos on your images.

 Stamping your brand onto an Instagram post ruins the experience for both users and for your content. Neither branding nor watermarks are expected to appear on Instagram posts. Although it's not a good idea, branding can be used in your content. Keep it plain to avoid losing followers.


How persistent you are and how consistently you can produce material, particularly in the early going when you don't have many followers, will set you apart from the competition on Instagram. 

The hardest aspect of becoming successful may be the first hundred or even a thousand followers. And this is where many people give up. To succeed as an influencer, set aside a few hours each day to publish high-caliber content and follow the above-mentioned methods.


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